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Feel like all hell is breaking loose? You might be experiencing a radical transformation that could change your life for the better.

Step by Step
These are the seven steps of radical transformation.

The Wake-Up Call
You realize that something needs to change.

Holding Uncertainty
You search for methods to help you change, explore teachings and avenues, all the while being willing to live with the insecurity of being in a process of identity-shifting.

Asking for Help
You approach teachers and mentors, and you strongly appeal to the power of grace itself.

Grace, Insight, and Awakening
Grace opens the situation, creating a breakthrough, inner shift, which may manifest as new gifts or insights.

Enjoying the new situation, you live in the breakthrough. It may feel like being in love.

The Fall From Grace
You lose touch with the new gifts, experience the consequences of over-confidence, and a sense of dryness or loss of contact with your Source.

You bring insight to bear on the contractions that have caused you to lose contact with grace, you apply spiritual insights to the nitty-gritty actions of life, and you experience the ripening of your breakthroughs over time.


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2 Responses to “Inner Revolution ~ by Sally Kempton”

  1. sheeka

    why don’t you tell me how to pronounce it more correctly? I figured you knew. Faith and grace go together. All the answers are in my first three prayers of August. I talked to Marc for the first time the day after I couldn’t go. Is the breath here. i take you seriously. i like this. I have seen it already. It’s not that bad. Anymore? Your secret?I believe in Him better.
    I know Him better. I know His Kingdom not at all. Help me there. I’d love to actually serve in some way, like in a position. I’d like to do that. What you all do. And are so famous about. I don’t care. It would be nice.
    I like people just fine. I mean, it dies. No. Interfere with my life.? God, I’m so sorry. Only one personal preference really knows how to forgive me. This is The POWER.

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