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By Dr. Marc Gafni

I actually began to re-think the whole "meaning of life" question some years ago when I was in a hotel in Denver, Colorado. You know how hotel rooms work, there is a television, bed, a lot of towels, and if you look in the drawer next to the bed you will almost unfailingly find, at least in the United States, a Gideon bible. My suitcase with my own set of books had missed its connecting flight and I was at the hotel tired, without books and not feeling that great. And you know empty hotel rooms far from home can be the loneliest places in the world. So I open the Gideon bible.


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3 Responses to “If You’re Still Lonely, Call Lola by Marc Gafni”

  1. Stas

    Hi Marc. I enjoyed your article, but in all sincerity I think you missed the obvious reason the “call Lola” comment you read at the end of the Biblical verse reached through your loneliness and touched you. It was the pure relational power of humor, the perfect set-up to a very funny punch line delivered by another fellow human traversing months or years to YOU right in that hotel room. I fail to see the point of a discourse on the ultimately unfulfilling nature of sex and sensuality when “call Lola” is just a punchline that makes us laugh at our own nature that says, “hey, I’m lonely, let’s have sex!”. I think it is the grace and shared gift of laughing at ourselves that is the instant balm to loneliness.
    Your friend, Stas
    P.S. – did they leave Lola’s number?

  2. meg mckenna

    Thank you for sharing. Loneliness for me comes and goes. I realize, too, that its very human to feel lonely. It comforts me to know that I am never alone. The source of unconditional love is always with me. At times, this gives me strength to reach out, thereby dissolving this illusion that I am separate and alone, through extending my love to another. Other times, the feelings of loneliness passes and I realize how much I enjoy myself and how time to myself is a gift. Less and less but still on occasion, I use avoidance mechanisms to dissolve the pain…

    I feel most alone when I am thinking about what others might think of me and when I am feeling guilty/regretting about how I don’t participate in community as much as I’d like to. The truth is, however, that I am FULL of love and I care a great deal about community and I show up a lot for people too. I still hear that wounded child that says, “I don’t matter,” but I DO matter and its easier and easier to correct my thinking.

    However, diffuse we may be, I AM love and the shadow that is my ego is what would have me believe that I am less than that.


  1.  If You're Still Lonely Call Lola by Dr. Marc Gafni : World Spirituality … | Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

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