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Watch and listen to this 10-minute video, the sixth part of a 10-part dialogue with Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Marc Gafni in Tuscany on the topic of Evolutionary Love–envisioning a new Renaissance that will take us to the future. Watch previous posts from this series;

Enjoy the sixth part of the dialogue here:


Marc Gafni: Let’s talk about what do we know? What exists? How do we know what we know?

So, Ervin, you’re talking about the quantum, and you’re talking about the deeper dimension beyond the quantum, which are the forms, which are the eternal objects, so in some sense, let’s make a kind of split that, you know, Habermas, who lives not that far away, actually kind of points out very beautifully, and we’ve built pieces of integral theory based on it, a distinction between the eye of the senses, the eye of contemplation and the spirit, and the eye of the mind, which is a distinction I know that you’re familiar with, and it’s a helpful distinction. So the eye of the senses perceives sensory reality, and even super-amplifications, in the best, in post modern technology, is still using the eye of the senses, or using the senses to actually detect either directly or by implication reverberations of reality.

Then there’s the eye of the mind, and the eye of the mind is a different epistemology, a different way of knowing. The eye of the mind knows, through inference, through deduction, mathematics. The entire system of mathematics, underlying much of physics, is the eye of the mind, which is another legitimate way of deriving information. Then there’s a third way of deriving information, which is, and this is really what Schrodinger understood, and a lot of the quantum physicists understood, who were misquoted, where the eye of the spirit, or the eye of contemplation, actually apprehends reality, the deeper reality of spirit, that births all of reality directly. It’s a direct way of apprehending Satori, Kenshu, in Kabbalah we call Ayin. You can actually touch the Ayin, but you do it, not through the eye of the senses, not through the eye of the mind, but through direct practice, that opens up the eye of contemplation, and gives you a direct, unmediated taste.

King David said, in the book of Psalms, taste and see divinity. It’s a direct, unmediated taste, which is why practice is so important, because actually the eye of the mind will get you a glimmer of it. It’ll get you a vision of it, but actually you can taste it directly, through prayer, through meditation. You point out in The Self Actualizing Cosmos, psychedelic experiences of different forms, through intensified practice of dance, through chant. There’s ways that are actual technologies, that give you direct knowing of this interior face of the cosmos, and recovering those technologies as part of our hygiene, as part of our spiritual hygiene, is actually seemingly essential for the evolution of consciousness.

Ervin László: Absolutely.

Marc Gafni: Does that make sense?

Ervin László: Absolute sense, yes, and it’s very important also. The question is, how we can do this, because what we are describing is sort of we are tapping into the Akashic field, because in a sense the Akashic field is just a concept of everything being conserved, everything still being there, everything that ever happened, in some sense, is there, and what is happening now.

Marc Gafni: Available.

Ervin László: Because nothing disappears in the world, everything gets conserved. We know that energy is conserved. It’s also suggested information is conserved. Once you create some information, in some way, you can recall it. It’s like entering into a giant computer system, the iCloud for example. You enter into it, and it’s all there. And what other people enter into it, they can recall as well. So there is this deeper level, how can we access that? How is it possible physically for, I would say, one principle to me, which has become very clear in the last few years, is because all consciousness, this internal element of our mind, is not in space time, is not on that level, where particles … things have externalities.

Our consciousness is an internality, and it’s on the same level as the logos, as the heart, as the consciousness of the universe. The universe is a set of very complex, exact instructions, algorithms, but that’s just putting it on one level, of course. But you can call it will or design, if you like, and that comes to the fore, that is expressed on this other level, on the level of the sensory level. So I talk about the space time level, and the beyond space time, because beyond space time, as we’ve discovered now in physics, and I think it’s important to really discover it as part of our experience also. Our consciousness is there, and it is a manifestation of a single integral cosmic consciousness, that infuses all things in space time.

It is like a hologram, you know a hologram, all the information is present of every point, so in every consciousness is actually all the information, and all the consciousness of the world is, in principle, present, and through our consciousness we can tap into this. But, for that, and you know that best of all, we must rid our mind of all the superficialities of all the concerns of the space time world, as it were, and enter into that stillness, which is entering into the deepest reality, into the Akasha, or into the world of the spirit, or the world of the soul, and different words that we can use for it.

But it’s the higher or deeper realm, and because our mind, our consciousness is in that field. It can enter into it. It doesn’t have to enter, that’s the wrong metaphor actually, it’s in it.

Marc Gafni: It’s there.

Ervin László: It’s there. It has to realize it. It’s come to operate with it, no only instinctively, but consciously, and that, I think, is the great challenge before us, to become conscious, that on a deep level we are one, is this field, and therefore we are one with each other, because everything develops out of this.

Marc Gafni: So now the conversation of beautiful, now the conversation is coming full around. So, I access the stillness, and our colleague who lives not far from here often, Brother David, David [Sindorast 01:05:41], loves to talk about stillness. And David, of course, is from a stillness tradition. He’s from a Trappist monk tradition, which is about stillness. Ervin is from a scientific tradition, but they’re both talking about stillness, about accessing that deeper quiet, accessing that deeper essence. Now, here’s the paradox, and here’s where we’re adding something undeniably new. There’s a novelty in what Ervin and I are saying. We’re not saying, okay, let’s go back to the old, let’s go back to the world, where we kind of get still, and we’re gonna access this eternal reality that lives in us. We’re gonna feel into this kind of deep field. We realize that we’re one with it, and then we’re at home.

No, that’s just the beginning of the story, and that’s when we access our location in this deeper field, at that point we then awaken to something about our irreducible, unique expression of that field, and we don’t try and get rid of it. We don’t try and meditate it away. We don’t try and prayer it away. We actually realize that the evolution of consciousness is the evolution of uniqueness, and that actually I can be irreducibly unique, and part of the larger field together, and when that happens, when I actually realize I’m completely part of a larger field, I’m inseparable from the larger field, and you spoke about, by the way, and to everyone listening, please go get this book, The Self Actualizing Cosmos, and chapter three and four is about fields, and it’s actually the best two short chapters I’ve ever read, about how fields work, and how fields originate in physics, and then what are the deeper fields.

And then the notion of a field is absolutely essential to your work, so you actually locate yourself in the deeper field, of infinity, which then expresses itself as the fields of quanta, but then you realize that you’re an irreducibly unique expression of that field, even beyond your location in space time. Your irreducibly unique perspective in space time, which expresses your irreducible uniqueness in this larger field, and that irreducible uniqueness is your gift. It’s your creativity. It’s your unique quality. It’s your unique taste. It’s your unique perspective, which has an ability to address a dimension of the world which is unloved, capital U-N, unlove, that can only be addressed by you, because your unique expression of that love intelligence and love beauty, that is the initiating and animating Eros of all it is, that’s living in you, as you, and through you, so you’re the only expression of that love intelligence that can address that unlove, and when you begin to address it, then you begin to play your instrument in the unique self symphony, which is the human dimension of this unending symphony, and that unique self symphony is a bottom up structure of a self organizing universe, that’s not top down.

It’s not national or governmental, or corporate, it’s a bottom up expression of unique self creativity within a larger context, which actually unleashes the infinite resources that can actually address the second shock of existence. That becomes insanely exciting, and utterly necessary to unleash the love intelligence of the unique self symphony.

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In their dialogue, Ervin Laszlo and Marc Gafni share about the Second Shock of Existence, the New Renaissance, Evolutionary Love, and Unique Self Enlightenment as well as cutting-edge topics like super-coherence, self-organization, and the Unique Self Symphony.

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