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By Hans Jecklin

When, more than 40 years ago, I undertook my first steps into the cosmos of Jungian psychology, I was soon confronted with the opposition of an "I", the person I am in this life, and the "Self" that Carl Gustav Jung understood as both the source and fulfillment of the "I" or as the prior source of potentials for the "I" to manifest in life. Jung was aware of the danger for the "I" to identify with this "Autonomous Reality" or "Divine Archetype" and warned of ego-inflation when a person would - even unconsciously - try to occupy or control that higher reality.

This mostly intellectual differentiation of "I" and "Self" accompanied me for a long time after I started my spiritual search. The longing for the direct experience of God had not only led me beyond psychology, but also to quit the reformed (Christian) church that had been my parents' choice. I then spent nearly twenty years of practicing Zazen, Tao Yoga and Kashmir Shivaism and went through many dis-illusions, having mis-taken the impermanent for the eternal, until finally grace took over.


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One Response to “Exploring the Unique Self and beyond … Discovery and Gratitude (Part 1)”

  1. Betty Rogers

    This article by Hans Jecklin was beautifully written and articulated. I was introduced to Carl Jung, other spiritual traditions, meditation, yoga, and integrated practices several years ago; therefore, I feel that I am also a pilgrim on the same unbounded journey. I am currently taking a life-coaching program that has wonderful tools and processes to help individuals connect with their inner wisdom. I have just read Sally Kempton’s piece on prayer (also a favorite of mine) and Ann W. Cornell’s book (The Power of Focusing). I am struck by the parallels from all three writers, as well as the life-coaching program. Life is so amazing! I am very grateful to be able to utilize all these insights for my own growth, and hopefully, for the growth in others.


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