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This is part 4 of this series. Click here for part 1, part 2, and part 3.

The practice of writing Outrageous Love Letters is modeled by the Song of Songs, written, as they say, by the great lover King Solomon. It is the practice of Rumi… and Hafiz.

It is also a hidden Chassidic practice that was lost in the Holocaust when most of the Chassidic Masters were killed. Marc has recovered this practice from what he calls the “Inside of the Inside.”

Having engaged this practice myself on a regular basis I can attest that it radically trains our love muscles.

You can write them to…

  • the Divine
  • yourself
  • a friend
  • a lover
  • a parent
  • a child
  • the universe
  • a tree
  • a teacher

…to name but a few examples…

The only rule is to be outrageous!

Loving-Your-Way-to-EnlightenmentIf you wildly exaggerate, you might just begin to tap into who you truly are.

After the group in this World Spirituality Retreat in Esalen had engaged in this process, the sharing of some of the beautiful love letters cracked all of our hearts wide open. There was no doubt that Rumi was among us—the “Democratization of Enlightenment” as the “Democratization of Rumi.”

And with that, this wonderful Retreat ended, while many of the participants stayed for another session to receive some information about the Center for Integral Wisdom and how they can get involved with us.

You may stay tuned to the unfolding…

A Special Gift for You: Marc Gafni Teaching on the Song of Songs

Click here for the whole CD on the Song of Songs.

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