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This is part 3 of this series, click here for part 1 and part 2. The following passage is a paraphrased summary of some of this weekend’s teachings.

Changing the Game: a New Outrageous Love Story

“The only community of people that has ever changed the story, is a community of people coming together and saying: We are going to love each other outrageously,” said Marc Gafni during the 5th annual World Spirituality Retreat at Esalen 2014 and “There is not only a covenant between God and the children of Israel but also a covenant between the children of Israel and their children and their children… a covenant between the generations. Israel are ‘those who wrestle with God.’ That is us. Every generation is responsible for the evolution of consciousness. It is our turn now.”

The transformation of the all includes our own transformation: If you work your issues just for yourself, transformation is difficult to achieve. If you work your issues for the sake of the evolution of love, that changes the entire game. The energy you now have available for your own transformation is huge. It is fueled by the evolutionary impulse itself that is living in you, as you, and through you.

But it doesn’t stop there. Seeing someone living their Unique Self, we cannot help but fall in love with them. That doesn’t mean we will engage them in a romantic sense, but it will inspire us and others to live their Unique Self as well.

That is what creates what Marc calls a “Unique Self symphony.”

Loving-Your-Way-to-EnlightenmentAnd he reminds us: “I am not supposed to heal the whole thing. I am here to play my instrument.”

And that is exactly what closes the gap between “our ability to feel and our ability to heal.” This gap is what all too often causes us to close our hearts, feel paralyzed, and continue “business as usual” instead of doing what we need to do to heal the corner of the world that is ours to heal.

If we trust our ability to heal a dissonance or pain, we can allow ourselves to fully feel it. We can keep our hearts open, give the gifts of our Unique Self, and engage in the Sacred Activism that is ours to engage in.

That’s what it means to live as Evolutionary Unique Self, as Outrageous Lover.

Writing and Sharing Outrageous Love Letters

A beautiful practice to get in touch with the Evolutionary Lover inside of us is to write Outrageous Love Letters.

To be continued…

Kerstin Zohar Tuschik

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