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The 5th Annual World Spirituality Retreat with Sally Kempton and Marc Gafni “Loving Your Way to Enlightenment: The Path of Outrageous Love

After a truly magical trip along the Pacific Coast from LA to Big Sur, with Elephant Seals, Sunshine, and last but not least my dear friends Liza Braude-Glidden (CIW Board Member, Scholar and Senior Teacher for Unique Self) and her husband Reed, we arrived there early enough to wander around a bit and see the myriads of Monarch Butterflies and a stunning sunset. Yes, Esalen IS a magical place.

Yet, the best was still to come.

Seeing these two master teachers, Dr. Marc Gafni, Co-Founder, Lead Scholar, and President of CIW, and Sally Kempton, Co-Founder, Vice-President, and Senior Fellow of CIW, teach together, “Two Tastes of the Same Voice” as Marc said so beautifully, was what I would call Third Tier Magic. They gorgeously modeled for us how two strong teachers from different lineages can come together, make room for each other, and teach together.

As Marc has put it so beautifully: “There is no way that any of us could give the gifts of the other or of any other person in the room. That’s why we get to love each other.”

And beautiful gifts they both had indeed for us:

Sally’s deep, calm presence and her transmission of meditative states, yoga mudras, and age-old wisdom of the tantric traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Marc’s passionate transmission of Outrageous Love, his clear discernments, and the wonderful Dharma he has created over the years on Unique Self, Eros, and World Spirituality wove a tapestry of beauty, truth, and goodness, of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and the right mix of Dharma talks and practice, of being challenged and comforted.

To be continued

Kerstin Zohar Tuschik

Read more about this teaching in the book Loving Your Way to Enlightenment.

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