Since 2014, Marc Gafni has been in conversations with Thought Leaders on Digital Intimacy and Conscious Entrepreneurship using one of the tools for Digital Intimacy: Google Hangouts On Air.

Dialogue with Yifat Cohen and Dr. Marc Gafni on Digital Intimacy

Yifat Cohen about this show:

The World of the Web would seem to be the place for connection. Its very name – Web – means the very same. And yet paradoxically the Web seems to bring with it a great loss of intimacy. We are no longer face to face. There is an ever more confusing terrain of gadgets and gizmos. Never before in history have we been so “connected” yet desperately seeking contact. The gap between connection and authentic contact seems to be an ever widening chasm.

Are our Facebook friends really friends? Is their depth, commitment and meaning in our connections on line?

Does the virtual have virtue in its web of values? Can connection yield true contact? Can digital information and method of connecting birth new intimacy?

Can the virtual make us vulnerable in the best of ways?

We have stepped into that chasm inviting us to a new narrative of the digital. We call it Digital Intimacy.

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Jason T. Wiser asks Yifat Cohen and Dr. Marc Gafni “Digital Intimacy and Business: Is it Really Necessary?

Jason T. Wiser before the show:

This week we are talking with +Yifat Cohen and +Marc Gafni about Digital Intimacy. You’re probably wondering, what the heck does this have to do with business? To tell you the truth I’m curious to find out myself. On Track Tips has been invited to participate in a project Yifat and Marc are working, where they are using a series of HOAs as chapters in a book they are authoring.

The two have appeared on at least three other shows and so far they have focused on what Digital Intimacy means to the individual or the consumer.

They’ve discussed vulnerability, integrity, and responsibility. They’ve discussed privacy, anonymity, and cyber identity. Are we spending more time in the virtual world than in the real world?

This is all delicious content for philosophers, sociologists, and cultural anthropologists, but how does it apply to small business owners and marketers?

We will find out.

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Mia Voss Hangouts: Digital Intimacy with Dr. Marc GafniCheck out this awesome Hangout with Mia Voss and Dr. Marc Gafni about Digital Intimacy:

Mia Voss chats with Dr. Marc Gafni on The Mia Connect Power Chat about Digital Intimacy and building your intimate tribe way beyond what the word intimacy implies.

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