In her show “Hangouts with Visionary Leaders”, host Lisa Engles discusses with Dr. Marc Gafni the implications of Digital Intimacy for our everyday lives, businesses, and the evolution of humanity.

Lisa Engles about this show:

I recently watched Her–the movie staring Juaquin Phoenix, a recently divorced man who ends up falling in love with his operating system–a digital woman named Samantha. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as the movie progressed, I found myself being drawn in to the captivating idea of “digital intimacy” in the most extreme sense of the term.

We live in a world dominated by technology. Not only are personal computers and smart phones a part of most people lives in the modern world, these devices have become tools that allow us to make prolific connections with other people anywhere, at any time in the world. And thanks to social media, we’ve become a society that’s constantly connected…. but are we really connected? Or are we more isolated and alone than ever before?

I think it depends on how you use technology.

It’s my belief that technology and the digital world can be used in ways that support the awakening– the emergence– of human and social potential, which is why I’m so passionate about using google hangouts to connect and communicate with people all around the world.

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Lisa Engles and Dr. Marc Gafni on Conscious Business and a New Vision of Success

Lisa Engles introducing the show:

Many Business owners, small and large are beginning to identify themselves as ‘conscious’ — but what does that really mean?  Wikipedia refers to the term ‘conscious business’ as businesses that are committed to being aware of the effects of their actions and implementing practices that serve and benefit both humanity and the planet.  While we hear so often about corporations and NPO’s who are committed to a conscious business model, there is also an emerging group of solo-preneurs and independent small business owners that identify themselves as change agents who are mission-driven and here to make a difference by contributing their unique talents to humanity.

In this episode of Hangouts with Visionary Leaders, I’m bringing back +MarcGafni to discuss the concept of conscious business and to take a look at a new paradigm for success— one in which we, as evolutionary entrepreneurs recognize that our most important asset in these times is our infinite resourcefulness, and the infinite possibility for creativity and innovations that can directly affect the very real challenges that our world faces.

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