Watch this last in a series of 10, beautiful videos on The Universe: A Love Story, with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marc Gafni.

Barbara: . . . when a system is at this point of disequilibrium, it could go either way. The smallest energy towards the positive can have a huge effect. If the system is stuck in a stable situation, your trying to change it is very, very hard. But if the system is disordered, that tendency towards syntropy for a greater order is there so I want everybody to know that the smallest acts that any of us can do at a time of disequilibrium is much more potent than let’s say when the system is stuck.

Marc: So at a time of disequilibrium, a small fluctuation in the system jumps it to a higher level of order which is exactly the experience of the evolutionary relationship to life that my next act shifts the whole system. Everyone got that? It’s awesomely important and beautiful to finish with.


Marc: Welcome to the tenth episode of The Universe: A Love Story podcasts, Evolutionary Love podcasts and we are in the politics of outrageous love part three.

To truly deepen and understand how do we enact the politics of outrageous love? Now let’s just notice we’re talking about the politics of outrageous love, we’re talking about love breaking out and becoming the guiding force, the organizing force of reality. When Buckminster Fuller said that love is the gravity of reality, the metaphysics of reality, the gravitational metaphysics of reality is love which just means something really simple: Love is the organizing principle.

So evolutionary love drives the whole thing and evolutionary love moves us toward the evolution of love. In the evolution of love, one of the great moments is the emergence, the awakening to the realization that the answer to the question of who are you is you are, I am, an irreducibly unique expression of the love intelligence with a unique perspective, with unique outrageous acts of love to commit. That’s one movement in the evolution of love.

Then an even higher movement in the evolution of love; let’s kind of break it out clearly this week, is when those unique selves come together and they form a unique self symphony. So I’m no longer acting independently in my own sphere. I begin to see with evolutionary eyes, I begin to have an evolutionary relationship to life, I realize I’m living in an evolutionary context and I’m not just acting as a small self in my narrow life. I begin to I may be the exact same things, but when I act to heal let’s say pain in my family, I’m acting to heal that trauma for all of reality, not just to solve my little problem. I’m actually participating in the field that’s a term from physics there’s a field of love intelligence.

The entire field of love intelligence is interconnected and so when I act and I address the unique need in my unique circle of intimacy and influence, I’m affecting the entire field of love intelligence and awakening to the fact that there’s a unique self symphony which is in the field of love intelligence which then acts together to unleash energies that were unavailable before because of the unique music that’s created to the new synergies, new coming together of parts to form larger wholes is in itself a new level of consciousness, a new expression of the evolution of love, a new resounding holy yes emerging in symphonic form. So that’s where we are.

Barbara: Beautiful.

Marc: Yea, Amen. Anyway, that’s where we are. So let’s talk about how to give that structure. What would the structures of the unique self symphony be? How would it happen? You’ve spent so much time on this Barbara.

Barbara: I discovered a structure. It’s very simple. Instead of having people speaking and other people in rows… you can’t do it that way. We had to create a big circle and we had to create every part of that circle is a function. Who’s interested in health? Who’s interested in education? Who is interested in science? Who’s interested in art? And so on. And people were invited to go into the sector of that circle where they wanted to create. In other words, where the unique self wanted to express itself and it went in and became small groups saying this is what I want to create, this is what I need that I don’t have and this is what I want to give freely to everyone. So these little clusters around these functions formed and then they had a chance to share with each other, it’s like a whole self symphony, it was a very microcosmic symphony because each sector said this is what we want to create, this is what we need that we don’t have, does anybody else in this wheel have what we need? Always, they did.

So we got vocational dating. You date with the people who have something you need in order to be yourself and then what you want to give that somebody else might need, somebody needs it. They come up to you and before you know it you have a unique self symphony on a microcosmic scale. Then, people go back to their sectors of the wheel and you symbolically take down the walls of the sectors.

So there’s no more separation in your body. Yes you have a heart, a stomach, liver, but there’s no walls. It’s a whole system. So you get to feel what it’s like if you’re a member of a small whole system. It’s political and at the center of the circle is heart, love, and coordination of separate parts.

Marc: Outrageous love.

Barbara: So the people at the coordinating hub are not government trying to tell you what to do, in fact government is a sector. The heart of it is love and coordination which I think represents the universal process of the symphonic connecting through allurement. We were and I did twenty-five of these with my partner John Whiteside in the 1970s in all kinds of strange places. I tell you like gang leaders of Los Angeles or space scientists in Huntsville, Alabama or you know all kinds of people and it’s the nature of nature.

It’s what Buckminster Fuller called an operating manual for spaceship Earth is social synergy. We’re structured in hierarchical silos. Universities are designed in silos. Politics is win/lose structure even in the best liberal democracy. Religions are organized in separate categories. We created a whole system. Now I think the politics of unique self symphony is to start doing this on local scales, larger scales, and eventually having a planetary symphony.

Marc: That’s awesome.

Barbara: Do we have the internet?

Marc: We do.

Barbara: What we need is the intention to do this.

Marc: The intention to do it and some good technology which we’re working on here.

Barbara: In five years… I would set a goal that in five years we can have a unique self symphony at least on some scale which would be that everybody on Earth who wants to be part of it is giving their gift within it. Everybody on Earth. And suddenly you don’t want to become a Christian, a Muslim, or a Jew. You don’t become East or West, black or white. You become a unique self.

Marc: You become a unique self in a unique self symphony. How gorgeous….

Barbara: I mean you get over the whole thing.

Marc: Right. You get over the whole thing and here’s where technology becomes again, an instrument of love. So it’s about a million dollars to put together this piece of technology. We’ve got the specs for it. You want to play and participate with us, so come play with us. Let’s create this. So let’s look at this for a second. Ok? We’re in the just about the end of the tenth podcast which is the end of our first series of podcasts. So I think at this point it’s time to look at an anthill. An anthill, right? I mean clearly we’ve got to look at an anthill.

So an anthill is unbelievably complex. Every ant knows exactly what to do and the ants have never gone to the twenty-five syn-cons, right? Synergy conferences that Barbara and Colonial Whiteside put on. Now how could that be? Ok? Because in the ant world, there is an intelligence, an inherent intelligence. Every ant know what to do possibly through the secretion of pheromones, a chemical which has coded information, and when anthills were first studied there was the question which was where’s the General? Who’s giving [0:08:00] instructions?

Similar to slime molds if you’ve ever been on a forest floor and you see something that looks like slight vomit on a log, that could be slime molds. So slime molds move along, then at a certain moment they dissipate all this cells in different directions and they’ll come back together. So who gives the orders to disburse? Who brings the slime molds back together? So we call that property which Barbara was just so magnificently describing self organization.

Barbara: Yes.

Marc: Self organization though isn’t a magic word. Self organization is outrageous love.

Barbara: Well who’s the self organizing in this cace? In this case you and I are the expression of itself, of the larger self in the Universe. I mean this unique self, this unique self and every unique self is yearning to give its gift into the whole. This is as strong as the desire for love. This is the desire of love.

Marc: This is the desire for love.

Barbara: This is the desire for… it’s outrageous love.

Marc: It’s outrageous love. And just like an anthill and Barbara just like you know homerun, bases loaded, top of the ninth or bottom of the ninth. I can’t remember which is the top and the bottom, but it’s somewhere in the ninth.

So what’s happening here? So ants self-organize perhaps through pheromone secretions. How does the unique self symphony of human beings self-organize through uniqueness? In other words, my unique self, uniqueness is the strange attractor which drives self-organization. So Barbara lives her unique self called forth by that unique destiny, which has nothing to do with her background, nothing to do with her family. There’s some deeper soul’s code if you will. Some deeper destiny that calls forth that uniqueness. Marc’s called forth by his uniqueness and Norman’s called by his uniqueness and then uniqueness moves us to play our unique instrument in the unique self symphony, which together forms a music of potent creativity that has the ability to address every challenge on the planet and to actually take us to the next step of reality in which people actually live loving each other, creating together. Creating greatness, depth, beauty, and goodness. Wow.

Barbara: You see that unique self in each person is coded with an impulse to realize that potential.

Marc: Right, a unique impulse.

Barbara: A unique impulse and a unique potential.

Marc: Right and the unique potential.

Barbara: Every single individual has unique potential and the closer you can get to identifying what that potential is and saying yes to it, the more you get to be a part of the symphony. And if you so everybody has it. It’s just like we all have a heart, a lung, and a liver. We also have a unique self potential. But the thing is we often don’t notice it. We often don’t spend the time to say oh I’m not sure if that’s right. I’m not sure if I know which way to go. But the only way you know is by giving it the test; trying it, saying yes to the attraction even if it’s a small yes. You don’t have to say a big yes and jump off a cliff. You just say a little yes.

I mean I was a housewife in Lakeville with five children and I got depressed and I said there’s a yes in here somewhere for more that wants to emerge and I wanted to say that yes out of the depression to say there’s more coming for me that I didn’t have any clue what it was completely changed my life because if I had said no, and just tried to stay with the depression or medicate myself so I didn’t feel the depression, I don’t think I’d be sitting here.

Marc: Yea, no. It’s so…

Barbara: It’s a little choice, it’s a tiny choice, but it’s huge in its implications.

Marc: It’s huge. I mean there’s so beautifully said, Barbara. There’s a the mystics call it a point of choice. It’s a narrow window of choice which is the place that I choose to say yes to reality personally expressing as me which is my unique self and I’ll close with two things. I’m sure Barbara will close with a last thing afterwards, which is perfect because we’re in this gorgeous dance. So here’s one, here’s two.

One, you know there’s an idea in chaos theory and complexity theory called the strange attractor. Well I want to use that word poetically. Strange attractor that which pulls us forward, which draws us forward. Lots of what we do in therapy is we work out what happened yesterday which is important, but it’s not enough to heal. To heal, to become whole I need to be drawn towards my future. I need to enact, I need to articulate my memory of my future. The future that draws me forward is unique self.

Now let’s take it one step further because this is so shocking and it’s so beautiful that just to see it just blows your heart open. If you realize that the entire trajectory of evolution is the evolution of love, that the evolution of love expresses itself, climaxes, apexes in a human being who awakens as a unique expression of outrageous love; committing their unique outrageous acts of love, we then realize that unique self is the strange attractor for the entire evolutionary symphony. The unique self is drawing the entire story forward and then the last point and then to Barbara is going to close up and take us the last step home.

You also realize and this is what you were talking about Barbara in terms of depression and depression is replaceability. Someone else could be doing it. Unique self is a source of joy. Joy can never be had by pursuing joy. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? The pursuit of happiness doesn’t work. Happiness is available as a byproduct of the passionate pursuit of something other than happiness.

What is that? That is saying yes to your unique self which gives you the potency of outrageous love and the ability to commit outrageous acts of love and to realize that you’re alive, your radical aliveness, you’re needed by all that is?

Barbara:         That yes is a compass of joy and nature you know makes things pleasurable and that’s really the direction you’re supposed to go in. So when you feel the joy of the saying yes, by doing something maybe a peak performance in certain ways you feel you’re good at communicating, you’re good at athletics, you’re good at something. Keep going in that direction because there’s no end to it.

But I wanted to conclude with something about strange attractors. In the structural domain, my understanding in chaos theory is that when a system, a big political system is out of equilibrium it tends to try to go backwards to stabilize. So you have reactive religions, reactive politics all around the world. Meanwhile, it can’t stabilize by going back. Therefore, it’s going to go towards something. If it can find a benign structure to jump toward, not just good ideas, but a structure that could hold the system. There has to be that’s why I liked the wheel of co-creation. It’s a structure.

Marc: Define benign for everybody. Good structure.

Barbara: It’s a kind, coherent, loving way. A loving structure.

Marc: An outrageously loving structure.

Barbara: Democracy is a loving structure for its time, particularly liberal democracy. We went out of a monarchy. We jumped. However, if there isn’t a benign and loving structure for existence to jump into, it can jump into a very diabolic system.

Marc: It goes reactive.

Barbara: For example, Nazis. Nazi-ism was a diabolical system invented as a strange attractor and very skillfully; communism, fascism. We went through some terrible strange attractors, including our defense program which was mutually assured destruction as a defense program. So I mean these were very bad strange attractors. What we’re doing in the unique self symphony I believe is creating a new strange attractor.

Marc: Absolutely.

Barbara: It’s symphonic, it is structural, it is [0:16:00] open to new systems of coordination and cooperation that will lead to a politics of outrageous love.

Marc: Isn’t that awesome? Friends, this is the end of the first ten podcasts. We end as we began.

We stand before a tale of two futures. It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. Awakening as outrageous love, participating in the evolution of love which is really what we’re doing here together. We’re at the leading edge of the leading edge. We are love awakening in this conversation.

So I end with the most important thing. I love you.

Barbara: I just wanted to say one more little thing.

Marc: See? She doesn’t love me. Did you guys get that?

Barbara: Is that when a system is at this point of disequilibrium, it could go either way. The smallest energy towards a positive can have a huge effect. If the system is stuck in a stable situation, your trying to change it is very, very hard. But if the system is out of… is disordered, that tendency towards syntropy for a greater order is there so I want everybody to know that the smallest acts that any of us can do at a time of disequilibrium is much more potent than let’s say when the system is stuck.

Marc: So at a time of disequilibrium, a small fluctuation in the system jumps it to a higher level of order which is exactly the experience of the evolutionary relationship to life that my next act shifts the whole system. Everyone got that? It’s awesomely important and beautiful to finish with.

Now let’s see if Barbara loves me. I waited a little bit. She just ignored me. Skipped. But let’s try it one more time.

Barbara: I do love you.

Marc: Ok. Oh my God, thank God. Love you all. Awesome. Thank you.

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