The first Success 3.0 Summit, this amazing gathering from October 30th to November 2nd, 2014 in Boulder, Colorado of the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change-agents that was co-initiated by the Center for Integral Wisdom was a wild success.

Among the speakers were thought leaders like Tony Hsieh (CEO, Zappos Inc), Arianna Huffington (Editor in Chief, Huffington Post), Alanis Morissette (Singer/Songwriter & Activist), Blake Mycoskie (Founder, TOMS Shoes), Barbara Marx Hubbard (Author, Social Innovator, Evolutionary Thought Leader), Michael Franti (Lead Vocalist of Spearhead & Activist), Casey Sheahan (former CEO, Patagonia), Lynne Twist (Global Activist & Author), Adam Bellow (Vice President, Harper Collins), Ibrahim Husseni, Business leader, Ben Jealous (former President & CEO of the NAACP), DJ Spooky (Composer, Musician & National Geographic Emerging Explorer), Tom Chi (Innovator & Founder, Google Glass), Jack Canfield (Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul), and many others.

Watch this montage of Marc Gafni’s talks from the Success 3.0 Summit 2014 on the new Outrageous Love Story the world needs so desperately:


Watch and listen to John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and author of Conscious Capitalism (together with Raj Sisodia), and Marc Gafni, Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom and author of many books including Your Unique Self, talk about a new vision of Success for the new millennium.

They track back the many meanings of the word Success and its literature to the beginning of mankind until they conclude that, in the words of Marc Gafni from the dialogue, “it has to be inclusive and at the same time have a hierarchy, meaning it’s got to include the best of traditional, the best of modern, the best of postmodern, the best of 0, 1.0 and 2.0, and yet it’s got to offer something larger.”

Marc Gafni in the dialogue:

“So that’s where we are, success 3.0, an Integral view that’s got to be compelling. It’s got to be an evolutionary attractor. … It’s got to be powerful. It’s got to have alluring quality. It’s got to be an invitation. It’s got to be a myth that’s worthy. It’s got to be a new vision of what the Jedi Knight is. So, Integral 3.0, what might that look like?”

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Success 3.0: The Vision

by Marc Gafni, Kate Maloney & others

Every one of us holds an inner image of what it means to be successful. That inner image, determines our decisions and drives our destiny. That image is often not articulated in the explicit values of a culture. But it is etched by society in the unconscious lining of our hearts and minds. The success myth of a culture speaks most clearly to its vision and values. It is the very essence of the culture. The success myth of culture, even if implicit or unconscious, either inspires or corrodes the soul of every individual that lives inside of its invisible net.

Let us state it clearly. The dominant success myth of much of western society is primarily woven from the strands of financial prosperity, fame, and power. While these are not the only values of western society they are its primary barometers of success. Honesty and integrity have some real cache in our culture. They are however not associated with success. Spiritual practice has some value in society but it is not equated with success.

Goodness, truth and beauty still hold some sway in our minds and hearts that those associated with those values are not necessarily held to be successful. In our culture a successful man or woman is one who wields power over others, is financially prosperous or well recognized.

Now, all three of these success standards have some truth associated with them. The ability to become prosperous, to attain power, and to be recognized require something of a human being which in many contexts deserves to be lauded. These are in and of themselves true values. However they are true but partial.

In and of themselves these standards of success leave us feeling empty, alienated and depressed. Those who do not achieve them grasp for them and those who do achieve them are not fulfilled by them. The incidence of teen age suicide in prosperous and powerful families is but one of the many grave reminders that our standards of success need to be re-imagined. It might be fairly said that the need to imagine a new vision of success is the core crisis of imagination at the root of western culture.

We live at a time of contradictions. It is both the best of times and potentially, the worst of times. We are at a moment of intense objective crisis even as we are at a moment of intense creativity, technological innovation and new resources. The crisis facing our society on the objective front are real and daunting. Whether we are talking about overfishing the seas, the structure of our debt, global poverty, climate change, governmental overreaching, the economic gap between rich and poor, failure to cultivate innovation, global terrorism, rogue weapons, methane gas under Siberian tundras, it is clear that the challenges before us are substantive and in dire need of address. The environmental and economic pessimists rightly sound the alarm bells. At the same time this is a moment of intense good fortune. More and more people are enjoying a level of literacy, education, possibility and potential then at any other previous time in history. More and more people are being connected to the deep wells of education and knowledge available through the World Wide Web. More and more people are crossing the poverty line. The techno optimists are correct to sound the trumpets of progress and innovation. Resolving the gap in projections between the techno-optimists and the economic and environmental pessimists lies in a deeper view of reality itself. All three of these schools focus their investigation on what we might call exteriors, the exterior and objective facts of economics, technology and the environment.

But the techno-economic structure of a society are insufficient to animate its core or chart its future. Societies rise and fall based on an elegant dance between exteriors and interiors. The evolution of objective structures is critical but insufficient in charting the trajectory of a society. The evolution of technology and economic structures must be complimented by an evolution of consciousness. Otherwise the result is air conditioned and educated despair and alienation. The pessimism can only be mitigated and the optimism can only be overcome if we factor in interiors; if the evolution of exteriors is accompanied by an evolution of interiors, an evolution of consciousness.

The core crisis facing a society is often not a crisis of funds or resources. It is a crisis of imagination. And at the core of every crisis of imagination is a crisis of identity. Imagination and identity are interior structures of consciousness. We need to re-imagine ourselves.

The great question in every person’s life is, “Who are you”? The great yearning of every life is to be able to answer that question clearly and powerfully. We yearn to be the hero of our own lives. We yearn to be of service in ways that are meaningful and potent. We long to feel full alive, engaged and actualized in lives that are animated that are animated by both telos and eros, infused not only with the love of power but with the power of love. We seek potency, purpose and passion. We are motivated by love and loyalty. We are inspired by truth, and called forth by goodness and moved by beauty.

And yet our success myth does not take any of these core human aspirations into account. Instead the successful person is accomplished in the important but limited areas of external power, financial success and public recognition. Our colleague Arianna Huffington has powerfully critiqued the contemporary success myth in her call for new metrics of success. That new metrics of success, if it is to call us forth, must be rooted in a new myth of success. We need to articulate a potent and powerful new vision of authentic power and possibility. We are reminded of the great mystics who identified God as the possibly of possibility. A new myth of success must emerge from a vision of the good life that calls us, inspires us and enlivens us. It must take into account the deepest wells of wisdom and insight that come to us from all the great sources of knowledge. It must integrate the best of traditional (pre-modern) wisdom, the deepest modern insight, and the most profound discernments of post modernity. Such an integral vision of success is we believe an essential leverage point in the evolution of culture and consciousness. It is precisely such a vision that we seek to imagine together at this first Success 3.0 Summit.

The framework that we are offering for our conversation has emerged from our explorations of integral consciousness, which weaves together the leading edge insights from a range of critical disciplines. The framework however can be expressed in simple and straightforward terms.

Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up.

Wake up to the largest context of your life and to the deepest nature of your true identity.

Grow Up to your highest structure stage of consciousness.

Show up as a servant leader and give the unique gifts that emerge from your Unique Self that address a unique need in your unique circle of intimacy and influence.

All of these lead to waking up, growing up and showing up as Your Unique Self, playing your Unique Instrument in the Unique Self symphony that has the power to liberate infinite innovation, creativity and resources.

What would it mean if to be successful meant to wake up to the realization that you are an irreducibly unique expression of the love intelligence and love beauty that is the initiating and animating Eros of all that is, living in you, as you and through you?

What would it mean if to be successful meant to grow up to your highest level of consciousness as a unique expression of the evolutionary impulse, outrageously alive and in love with all that is?

What would it mean if to be successful meant to Show Up as Your Unique Self, giving your Unique Gifts which are precisely what is needed to address a unique need in your circle of intimacy and influence?

This new vision of success invites the democratization of greatness. It invites us to play a larger game. To Wake Up, Grow Up, and Show Up- to participate in the evolution of consciousness which in its interior is no less then the evolution of love.

It is these themes which we put into the space of Success 3.0 as an evolving framework for our exploration, as we seek imagine together a new Success Myth for our time.