Success 3.0 – A New Outrageous Love Story

Marc Gafni

“We need a new success story. We need a new love story. We need a new outrageous love story. And so what we want to try and do structurally, poetically, evocatively, shamanically, in these days is to articulate this new story.” ~ Marc Gafni at the Success 3.0 Summit

Watch this beautiful talk here:

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Conscious Capitalism & How It Interfaces with Unique Self

Raj Sisodia & Marc Gafni

A little prior to this dialogue, Board co-chair, Kate Maloney, accompanied Marc Gafni to Babson College where he was honored to be the guest of Raj Sisodia, co-writer, with John Mackey, of the book Conscious Capitalism.

Marc and Kate visited and spoke with one of Raj’s classes. Marc gave a major presentation as part of The Conscious Capitalism Distinguished Speaker Series. The title of the talk was “Outrageous Entrepreneurship: The Entrepreneur as Jedi Knight, Moral Hero and Outrageous Lover.”

Here you can stream the first 10 minutes of the video recording:

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Unique Self, Organizational Leadership, and the Destiny of Nations

Richard Barrett & Marc Gafni

In this much awaited 3-part dialog series, Dr. Marc Gafni and Richard Barrett, president of Barrett Values Centre, discuss the possibility of the development of a Unique Self metrics as part of the Barrett Values assessment and its critical implications for personal, organizational, and global transformation.

You can listen to the first dialogue here:

All three dialogues including partial transcripts are available here>>>

Success 3.0

Ken Wilber & Marc Gafni

In this 3-part dialogue, Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni talk about the framework for the Success 3.0 Summit.

What are the pre-modern, modern, and post-modern visions for Success? And how could a new, an integral vision for Success look like?

Listen to the first of the interviews here:

For all three dialogues and the transcripts, click here>>>