Healing the Global Intimacy Disorder

with Dr. Marc Gafni

The Salons are gatherings organized by Shareef Malnik & Gabrielle Anwar, Co-Chairs of the Think Tank of the Center for Integral Wisdom. Together with the President of the Think Tank, Dr. Marc Gafni.

Dr. Marc Gafni did eight incredible Salons online, which were framed around a powerful set of responses to the realization of  “it is not too big to fail” – aka, catastrophic and existential risk.

It is our imperative and joy – part of our commitment to our children and to ourselves – to take our seat at the table – in enacting the covenant between generations – through the Center for Integral Wisdom, beginning with these Salons.

Part of that vision is to insure that there will be a flourishing tomorrow for our children. That is our commitment to the covenant between generations. We begin in this salon by pointing towards the risk and then responding with great hope through the vision of what Dr. Marc calls, the New Story of CosmoErotic Humanism.

It is our great joy to share the recordings of these special gatherings of The Salons with you.

Salon 1 – Facing Catastrophic and Existential Risk: The Need for a New Story

Salon 2 – Only a New Shared Story of Value Will Create Global Coherence

Salon 3 – Reality Is the Progressive Deepening of Intimacies: The Global Intimacy Disorder and the Intimate Universe

Salon 4 – The New Existential Risk: Not the Death of Humanity but the Death of Our Humanity: Between Social Self, Separate Self and Unique Self

Salon 5 – My Story is Chapter and Verse in The Universe: A Love Story

Salon 6 – The Three Primordial Principles of Cosmos: First Person, Second Person and Third Person

Salon 7 – Introducing the Three Eyes: The Eye the Senses, the Eye of the Mind and the Eye of the Heart

Salon 8 – She comes in Threes: The Prepersonal, the Personal and the Transpersonal