Welcome! Thank you for being curious about how you might get involved (or get MORE involved), at CIW and in creating a Global Ethic for a Global Civilization.

This page is meant to offer you a variety of easy access entry points for you to participate and engage with the Center and our projects in a way that most inspires you and fits into your lifestyle.

The first half of this list is for the public and the second half is for CIW board members.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and questions. Please email your thoughts to Kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.


General Public

Thank you for getting involved in a way that works for you. Every bit of attention given to the mission of changing the source code of culture helps. As Lynne Twist says, “It’s not about a big role or a small role, it’s about YOUR role.”

1. LIVE the CIW mission and operating values in your own life and projects.

The Center for Integral Wisdom is an Activist Think Tank dedicated to partnering with leading thought leaders and change agents to transform and evolve the source code of culture through application of Integral principles.

Together we articulate, evolve and deliver a new, Integral narrative for living – which transforms each individual, culture and life itself – creating a world of outrageous love, through outrageous love.


Our mission is to love outrageously, live outrageously, and create an extraordinary world.

We make a global impact through information products, courses, books, films, events, courses, workshops, podcast, websites, blogs, and more.

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These are the core values the CIW team operates around. We even use these values to select our MVP of the week.

  • Be Outrageous Love
  • Operate from Commitment, not Circumstance
  • Take Ownership
  • Choose Radical Creativity
  • Show up
  • Operate with Integrity and in Alignment with our Core Values and Purpose
  • Commit to Transformation of yourself, your organizations, and the world – NOW
  • Be Awesome & Have Fun
  • Get Stuff Done

2. READ all about CIW and our latest updates on this “webplex”, in our newsletter and the many books available for purchase.

Wander the Webplex

Find out about the many projects, people, programs, videos and MORE. Take a peek, peruse and ponder 

the 23 “portals” organized on the “Navigation Tree”. Plus we have hundreds of media clips for you, both new and from our archives, all organized to be fresh, exciting and easy-to-navigate.

Explore the E-Newsletter

Check out the CIW e-newsletter with upcoming and past events, free gifts, new board members and other profiles, updates on current projects and more. Subscribe by joining our Evolutionary Church HERE.

Buy a Book

Between our publishing house, Integral Wisdom Press, and award-winning books like Your Unique Self, or our newest think tank book A Return to Eros, we have a book to fit every student of enlightenment, Unique Self, Eros, Outrageous Love, Kabbalah, mysticism, and World Spirituality. Check out the CIW’s exciting publications and grab a copy of one today!

3. GATHER with a group to attend live events or engage with other CIW members on the Center for Integral Wisdom Facebook page.

Attend a Live Event

Join Marc Gafni at world class live events both put on by CIW and those we have been invited to – all over the world! Check out our events that we host throughout the year here.

Engage on our Social Media

Check out, comment and share the latest highlights from the CIW community here. Visit the main CIW Facebook page, our Twitter, or our Google+, and engage with current CIW postings and other like-minded “fans” of CIW.

4. Join Our Evolutionary Church or the Evolutionary Church Collective

Join Us for Evolutionary Church

5. Fulfill A Wish

Check out our wish-list of in kind contributions, needed skills, mentorships, connections/introductions, etc.

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6. Contribute to CIW’s Sustainability by making a contribution here.

Every bit helps fuel the efforts towards a Global Ethic for a Global Civilization.

7. Other Ways to participate?

We are always learning and growing. Please give us any feedback or new ideas on how you and others might further participate in the mission and efforts of CIW.

Board Members

Thank you for being a CIW Member. Your support with time, energy, resources, introductions, and so much more are all deeply appreciated. Without you this great “work” would not be sustainable.

You of course have access to all of the resources and services described above. In addition to those, you have the extras below too! Some of the links are password protected. If you do not have a working password contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

If you are not a member, but would like to be considered, please contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

1. READ the board update emails and get access to the premium membership on the webplex.

Board Update Emails

Stay current on the latest and greatest from CIW with this special compilation of news, updates, board member profiles. This is similar to the newsletter, but happens more often, gives more background, and gives a more “behind the scenes” sneak peek into CIW efforts and the impact. If you are a board member and not receiving these contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

2. GATHER with a group to participate in a specific project or committee, mix it up with our new CIW Regional Meet-Ups, attend live events or engage with other CIW members on the CIW Leadership Facebook page.

Participate in a Specific Project or Committee

Get “hands on” with CIW by selecting one of the many specific projects or committees the CIW family is actively moving torward. For more information contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

For a list of our current book projects, activist projects, white paper projects, scholars, etc. click here.

Our portals offer information on our main projects. You find a list of all the portals here.

Attend Special Live Events For Board Members

As a Board member, we invite you to join us at our annual gathering. We will continue to add events throughout the year that are for board members only and will let you know about them in the board email updates. If you have any questions about the annual board gathering or any of the events, contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

Engage on the CIW Leadership Facebook Page

Comment, share photos of events, check out what other board members are up to and the latest highlights from CIW, etc. We have two facebook pages, the one listed above for the general public and then a group for the CIW Leadership including board members. As members you have already been added to the group. If you have any questions about being added, contactkerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

3. CREATE, TRACK and MEET CIW GOALS by joining our monthly team meetings.

Influence goal creation with your feedback, forward goal attainment with your participation and join our monthly team calls to hear the latest update on our goals.

Forward CIW goal attainment with your participation as it inspires you and fits into your life. You can do this throughout the year. When you check out the CIW goals if you see any resources, introductions or other opportunities you’d like to participate in, please let us know. Contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

4. Contribute to CIW’s Sustainability by increasing your contribution or expanding the CIW circle by making a board candidate recommendation.

Your board contribution is deeply appreciated and is being utilized wisely to stretch our impact as far as possible. You can even check out a summary of the budget and offer any feedback by emailing kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

Increasing Your Contribution

Click this link HERE to donate now or to manage your contribution you can also contact treasurer kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

Grow the Circle/ Make a Recommendation

People are the magic that make big things happen. Making key introductions to your recommendations for new board members is a wonderful way of extending your ripple effect of influence and impact. CIW is looking for new board members to support the 17+ projects we are pursuing. We respect your network and promise any people you introduce to CIW as potential members will be treated with care. Please contact kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org.

Check Out the CIW Budget

CIW celebrates transparency, especially when it comes to fundraising and ensuring contributions are invested wisely. We greatly appreciate your contribution and would not be able to continue without your generous participation. Contact our treasurer kerstin [at] centerforintegralwisdom.org for a pdf of our current budget allocations.