First Steps in Jewish Thought

Soul Prints

Mystery of Love

Reclaiming Uncertainty

Re-defining Certainty

Radical Kabbalah: Non Dual Humanism

Radical Kabbalah: The Solomon Sources

Your Unique Self

SELF – Two Models of Self in Integral Evolutionary Mysticism

Tears: Reclaiming Ritual, Integral Religion and Rosh HaShanah

Loving Your Way to Enlightenment (a collection of my talks, edited by Chahat Corten)


Outrageous Love Manifesto

The Laws of Outrageous Love

Towards a Politics of Evolutionary Love, Unique Self Symphony and other Social Miracles

Trauma and Outrageous Love

Success 3.0 and Unique Self

The Evolution of Love: The Next Stage of Relationship

Beyond Venus and Mars

Evolutionary Spirituality

Lillith and the Sacred Feminine

(In this last book there has been a dispute about authorship, which came up for the first time in the aftermath of the false complaints. My co-author was a major supporter of the false complaints and is socially and politically aligned with its organizers. I wrote about that here.)

Books in process: (both solely authored by me, or co-authored)

Evolutionary Love

In a Unique Voice

Unique Self Psychology

Your Unique Gender (in process)

Unique Self Business

World Spirituality Guidebook

Unique Self Process

Unique Self Recovery

The Pleasure Bible

Embodied Unique Self

Dark Eros

Reclaiming Fantasy

On the Erotic and the Holy

Scapegoats, Sociopaths and the Madness of Crowds

Sacred Autobiography

Becoming the New Human