Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist, passionate philosopher, and author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, the two-volume [...] [Read More ...]

Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton is one of the Founders of Center for World Spirituality, which is now transformed into Center for Integral Wisdom. She serves as Vice President and a [...] [Read More ...]

Esalen 2014: An Outrageous Love Story in 4 Acts – Act 2

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About The Founders

Dr. Gafni is the Co-Founder, together with Ken Wilber and Sally Kempton, of the Center for Integral Wisdom where he serves as its co-President. Together with Dr. Zak Stein, they are co-leading a team of thinkers, articulating a new vision of meaning for the world.

Previous Chairs of the Center include Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lori Galperin, John P. Mackey, Carrie Kish, Kate Maloney, and Adam Bellow. Our current chairs are Shareef Malnik and Gabrielle Anwar.

Read how Dr. Marc Gafni is honoring some of his “partners in crime,” the Co-Founders of the Center for Integral Wisdom: Sally Kempton, and Lori Galperin.

Welcome to the Center for Integral Wisdom Founders portal.

My name is Marc Gafni. We founded the Center under its first name, the Center for World Spirituality, in 2011.

Sally Kempton, my best friend in the world, my dharma sister and awesome being in the world. She is one of the great teachers of meditation in the world having developed a system called Awakened Heart Meditation. One of her books Meditation for the Love of It: Her publisher Tami Simon said it was the best meditation books she ever read. A more recent and equally awesome book Awakening Shakti carries the deep lineage energies of her main tradition Kashmir Shaivism. She has been a central key co-conspirator to animate the Eros of this vision. I give a deep bow of love and appreciation and gratitude to Ken and Sally.

Lori Galperin, my partner, stunning, gorgeous human being who is one of the five or six leading trauma therapists. She is a deep soul who feels the pain of the world and spends her life as a healer. Her formal structure is with her colleague Mark Schwartz: they started in the field of sex therapy, and they discovered there were deep traumas. They have also gone into eating disorders and other areas. They have taught 75,000 therapists and started a trauma clinic. They are deeply wise healers, and Mark and Lori are masters of several interdisciplinary areas that they have integrated. She has been the Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees. She is also joining with me and others in writing a new manual on intimate relationships as well as developing and writing about the new field of Unique Self Recovery.

Welcome and deep honor to the co-founders … and there are many wonderful people actively engaged in the CIW.