Integral Wisdom at Burning Man 2014

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MarcGafniBurningManCampMystic2014-200x300Marc Gafni, together with Michael Ellsberg, Jennifer Russell and Robert Beinstock, organized a series of leading-edge cultural talks and panels at one of the most active Burning Man camps: Camp Mystic. This camp attracts an incredible group of well-known thought leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, musicians, and healers who are dedicated to continuing to evolve themselves and the people they interact with.

This year’s theme was ”The Emergent New Story of Humanity’s Evolution”, exploring topics like futurism and where humanity is heading, the history of evolution, conscious capitalist and post capitalist economies, post modern spirituality, evolutionary relationships, conscious sexuality, new paradigms of family, sex, and relationship, new paradigms of feminine leadership, the future of masculinity and femininity, how we can build a regenerative civilization, and much more!

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You can check out the complete 2014 speaker lineup online at

The New Living Expo – Future of Spirituality Panel

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NLEbanner-300x295This year Marc Gafni returns to the 13th Annual New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA to join Raz Ingrazi, and Lisa Schrader, Sheva Carr, and Arjuna Ardagh on a panel called “The Future of Spirituality: Connecting Community Through Mind, Body, Spirit“.

The panel will be moderated by honored teacher and Wisdom Council member Arjuna Ardagh.

“More and more people today describe themselves as “spiritual” while at the same time turning away from the religions and traditions of the past. As we expand beyond patriarchal and dogmatic way of exploring our true nature and our deepest potential, everything is up for reexamination. What is “enlightenment,” and does it have any fixed meaning? Is spiritual practice and expression the same for men and women? Is there any real conflict between a deep spiritual life and involvement in money and the world? What is the relationship between spiritual awakening and social and political action? Are sexuality and intimate relationship a barrier to true awakening, or a portal for deepening?”

“The Future of Spirituality” panel is on Sunday, April 27 at 1-2:30pm in Room 7.
The New Living Expo is a weekend event from event held April 25-27th at the San Mateo Event Center (1346 Saratoga Drive).

We hope you’ll come by for this important conversation!

For over 25 years the New Living Expo has brought healing, enlightenment, education and wonder to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Expo draws learners, changers and explorers of alternative thinking and being. The 10,000+ crowd is diverse, engaged, and looking for new and different products and businesses to support their innovative thinking and lifestyles.

Sex Without Shame tele-series with Annie Lalla & Marc Gafni

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Sex-without-Shame-banner2What is the right relationship between the experience of sex and the experience of pleasure? How does sex relate to power, love, fear and enlightenment? What does arousal have to do with divine aliveness, and how does the desire to dominate and to surrender alternate, in a whole and powerful way, with the desire for radical mutuality?

When I was first exploring these questions, there was no one to guide me through different forms of sexing. There was no one to tell me that the force of energy moving through me was sacred. No one said to me that sex is the force of evolutionary eros awake and alive in you. No one talked to me about the relationship between love, sex and eros. Really no one talked much about sex at all.

That’s why giving the gift of this 7-week “Sex Without Shame” tele-series is so important to me, and to my co-leader Annie Lalla.[Read more…]

Marc Gafni Live on “Vibrant Living” radio for New Living Expo

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Radio Show “Vibrant Living” with special guest Marc Gafni
Hosted by Glenn Brooks and Michael Russ

9-10 AM Pacific on KSJO 92.3 FM in San Francisco
Listen online at

Tune in for a lively conversation with Dr. Gafni about Outrageous Loving, Unique Self, and much more – including his upcoming presentation at the New Living Expo:

“Actualize: Awakening Your Unique Self”
Friday, April 26 at 8pm PT
San Francisco, Concourse Exhibition Center

The Podcast of this show will be made available at on iTunes at ”˜Vibrant Living Connection’

About Glenn Brooks and “Vibrant Living” Radio

glenn_brooksGlenn is a respected and acclaimed leader in wellness and lifestyle education.  As founder and CEO of the Vibrant Living Media, he has hosted ground-breaking radio and TV programs, both in syndication and in major US markets, for over 25 years.

Supported by his co-host, Michael Russ, and an international team of journalists, he has been hosting and producing visionary radio and television for 20 years. His own acclaimed radio show, Vibrant Living, has included interviews with such diverse luminaries as Deepak Chopra MD, Ram Dass, Byron Katie, Guy Finley (author of The Way of Wonder), Richard Moss MD (author of The Second Miracle), Yogi Don Stapleton, and physicist Peter Russell.

Glenn lives his life the way he preaches — there are no rules that can’t be broken. He became a nationally recognized and syndicated radio and television host with no formal training. He was in the room when the phrase “personal coaching” was coined, and has been doing it for years. He has received no degrees, yet he’s been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades.[Read more…]

News from Shalom Mountain after Evolutionary Tantra Weekend

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The Wisdom School at Shalom Mountain: The Seven Tastes of Sexing, March 7-10, 2013

This event on Evolutionary Tantra was held last week at the Wisdom School, co-founded by Shalom Mountain and the Center for World Spirituality, which is the locus for Marc’s teachings on the east coast of the United States.

This was the 10th Wisdom School that has gathered in the last several years, each one with its own theme and exploration of a particular dimension of Enlightenment. Each Wisdom School is dedicated to the practice of evolving the Source Code of Consciousness in a particular area of spiritual practice or enlightenment inquiry. This Wisdom School shared the same theme as the recent program held at Venwoude Retreat Center in February, The Seven Tastes of Sexing. The Shalom Mountain retreat was led by Dr Marc and facilitated by two close friends and students in the private study circle, Jeff Hilliard and Shelly Reichenbach. Jeff and Shelly are Shalom Mountain leaders and have been studying closely with Marc at the Wisdom School for a long period of time.

Wisdom School at Shalom Mountain Developing Unique Expression of Unique Self Processshalom_march2013

Jeff Hilliard and Tom Goddard are leading the development of the Unique Self process, in its particular expression at Shalom Mountain. Jeff, Tom, Nance and Marc, along with a group of leaders, are very excited to be actively engaged in developing the first Unique Self process led by Shalom leaders. Marc has taught Unique Self extensively over the last few years at Shalom Mountain, and is now working together with this fabulous leadership group of teachers in transmitting the dharma and empowering Shalom to take up the Unique Self teaching in their own gorgeous Shalom fashion.

Reporting on Stunning Tantra Teachings in Holland

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haertmeditation_markgafniNews from The Seven Tastes of Sexing program at Venwoude Reteat Center, Feb 8-10, 2013

We are delighted to report that The Seven Tastes of Sexing Tantra Weekend (Feb 8-10, 2013) at our retreat center in Holland, the Venwoude Retreat Center, was simply stunning. Marc taught eight major dharma sessions with exercises and intimate move teachings offered beautifully by Leon Gras and Sujata van Overveld. Sujata and Leon did a wonderful job deepening the space through the practice of intimate moves, taking the dharma and making it embodied and alive and breathing in the very cells of all the participants.

Marc transmitted a dharma that he has been working with for the last four years which provides what we think is the most advanced dharmic understanding of the nature of sexuality. venwoude_winterMarc outlined eight major forms of sexing, and led us on an embodied visionary journey to access the unique contours, tastes and substance of each of these forms of sexing. The net result of this tantric immersion was a profound transformation of the nature of the sacred sexual experience for every one of the participants.

Words from a San Francisco Dharma Encounter

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A San Francisco Dimgres-12harma Encounter:
The Path of the Outrageous Lover

The first San Francisco Dharma Circle met on Feb 24, hosted by the awesome Wendy Yalom. Thirty people packed into Wendy’s living room to begin the first of a regular series of dharma encounters. This is the beginning of an emergent dharma community in San Francisco. The people that gathered were simply beyond wonderful. A deep group of people already connected through earlier bonds of community came to enter with Marc into the dharma of Outrageous Love, one of Marc’s recent core teachings.

“We live in a world of Outrageous Pain. The only effective response to Outrageous Pain is Outrageous Love.” From that starting point, we began a deep examination of the very nature of Enlightenment itself, particularly the Enlightenment of Outrageous Love. Our path, Loving Your Way to Enlightenment, and through an ever deepening unfolding of core of Evolutionary Love teaching and profound practices, chants, exercises and work in dyads, we entered into a space of radical insight, radical love, and radical awakening. It was a gorgeous moment of enlightened Love Consciousness.

One participant wrote afterwards to Marc, “Thank you for the inspiration, for the transmission”¦ you are Rumi.” Marc wrote back, “No, you are Rumi.”

That was the core teaching of the evening: that we all can awaken, to see with God’s eyes, to engage the world as Outrageous Lovers, and to act as the Unique Incarnation of Love Beauty and Love Intelligence that lives as our Unique Self.

Actualize: The Source Code of Success

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actualize_peopleActualize: The Source Code of Success

We are delighted to report that the Actualize event, “Actualize: The Source Code of Success,” led by Eben Pagan and Marc Gafni this past January 23-27, 2013, was itself a smashing success. Eben said, “At this event, we were able to take things to the next level.”

Participants reported deep experiences of awakening, evolution, and transformation. A field of meaning, entrepreneurial creativity and deep dharmic insight were woven together in what turned out to be an event that surpassed all of our very high expectations in preparation for this gathering.

Eben brought to bear his profound understanding of entrepreneurship, creativity, and marketing. Eben entered the stage, gathered the tribe, and gave deep transmission as the great pragmatic philosopher that he is. Marc transmitted deep structures of new evolving consciousness”¦maps of Pleasure, maps of Self, and a vision of Outrageous Creativity and Outrageous Love. Marc and Eben’s teaching literally danced together in a higher integration, producing a dazzling experience of interior awakening, a vision of the patterns that connect, and a glimpse of what might be yet to come in the evolution of consciousness.

Two major themes ran through the entire event. The first, in Eben and Marc’s language, “Actualize is a memory of the future.” This was a theme returned to again and again. Accessing the memory of our potential future as the strange attractor drawing us to the evolution of our Highest Self.

The second theme articulated by Marc and Eben was the Democratization of Enlightenment, and the Democratization of Greatness as the next step in the evolution of Love. It was a great event, and the ripples are still now being felt wide and far, all over the globe, with new creative projects being born, new relationships formed, and new seeds of emerging consciousness planted in the fertile soil of Actualize.

Here is a glimpse into the mood and community>>>actualize

Many people have asked whether there will be an Actualize event next year. Our answer”¦ It’s too early to tell. It might not be called “Actualize” because we never do the same thing twice, but there will be a next step. The tribe will gather again to take the next emergent step required, demanded and invited by the evolution of Love.

Yoga and Psyche Course at Esalen with Mariana Caplan, PhD.

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Grounds, People and Property of Esalen Institute

Yoga & Psyche: Psychological Integration Through Yoga
April 12-14, 2013
Esalen Institute, Big Sur

Mariana Caplan is a PhD, MFT, SEP, is the author of 7 books including: Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path. She is a psychotherapist in Marin and worldwide, specializing in working with spiritual practitioners who wish to do psychological work.  She is also the co-founder of the Center for World Spirituality.[Read more…]