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Advisory Board Members of the Center for Integral Wisdom, Office for the Future and Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Each organization has a distinct legal board, which takes its decisions, all the decisions are made collectively by the appropriate board and board leadership. The listing below includes present and former board members, research fellows, faculty and officers of these organizations.

We have intentionally not broken them out by designation, as all of these people contribute equally needed value to the overall missions of these distinct organizations.

In alphabetical order: 

Sam Alexander

Sally Adnams 

Kristina Amelong

Gabrielle Anwar

Helma Buis

James Bampfield

Keith Bellamy

Adam Bellow


Paul Bennett

Howard Bloom

Harry de Bont

Olivier Bockenmeyer

Kathy Brownback 

Mariana Caplan

Swami Chetanananda

David Cicerchi

Chahat Corten

Jacqueline Clark

Peter Dunlap

Sherwood Dunlop

Warren Farrell

Peter Fiekowski 

Sharon Fiekowski

Marc Gafni 

Lori Galperin

Mike Ginn

Mathi Gijbels

Bill Gladstone

Tom Goddard

Deidre Gruendler

Kohlene Hendrickson

Carol Herndon

Barbara Marx Hubbard †

Philippe Joannis

Venu Julapalli 

Vinay Julapalli 

Jamie Long

Sally Kempton  

Kristina Kincaid

Ken Kinghorn

Carrie Kish

Claudia Kleefeld

Paul Kvamme

Shareef Malnik

Christopher Marston

Suzette Messa

Simona Muratori

Claire Molinard

Victoria Myer

Terry Nelson

Christopher Nelson

Don Pet

Shawn Ramer 

Tonya Ridgely 

Suzy Akmen Rogovin

Joyce Seng

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Raquel Sommer

Zak Stein 

Krista Steenbergen

Benjamin Swartout

Wouter Torfs

Kerstin Tuschik

Kristen Ulmer

Stephanie Valcke

Mike Weiss

Timothy Wilken

Derek Yoder