Watch these video dialogues between Marc Gafni and Mauk Pieper about Mauk’s new book  ‘Humanity’s Second Shock and Your Unique Self’. It is a conversation around Integral Leadership, Spirituality, and the emerging Unique Self Evolutionary Theory.

Mauk is the director of Center for Integral Wisdom Europe and one of the founders and lead trainers at Venwoude community. He has studied Unique Self theory with Dr. Gafni for several years and has been an active co-creator at the center both in the field of study, practice, and enactment.

This first video is Marc interviewing Mauk and receiving his Unique Self story which is the context for Mauk’s thinking.

You can read the transcript here>>>

The second video is Marc discussing Mauk’s book. In this book, Mauk applies Unique Self theory in a highly original and important manner. The core idea–implicit in Unique Self theory and explicated in week ten of the Awakening Your Unique Self course, in Marc’s work on Outrageous Love as well as in Mauk’s excellent book–is that awakening to Unique Self is the core necessary response to what Mauk beautifully calls the Second Shock of Existence. The second shock refers to all of the challenges to humanity today that are the direct result of technological progress which is not mirrored by advances in consciousness.

In Marc and Mauk’s thinking these challenges are rooted primarily in a limited view of essential human identity, namely the view that a human being is merely a separate self. The awakening from separate self to Unique Self is the essential evolution in consciousness necessary to respond to the second shock of existence.

These ideas are carried and developed the next step in Marc’s forthcoming book with Zak Stein, On Evolutionary Love and the Evolution of Love.