Next to the core projects of a Think Tank like writing books and white papers, organizing teaching events and conferences, as well as founding an own press, the Center for Integral Wisdom prides itself to be an Activist Think Tank.

So, here is a short overview about our Activist Projects in Action:

Success 3.0 Summit

The Success 3.0 Summit is an independent movement which was created to bring together dozens of the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change-agents to articulate a new, transformative narrative of conscious business and success.

The Summit, co-directed and produced by our very own Integral Wisdom Co-Board Chair Kate Maloney, was a collaboration with Co-Board Chair of the Center John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, our co-founders Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni, along with Arianna Huffington, Tony Hsieh, Alanis Morissette, Dave Logan, Raj Sisodia, Lynne Twist, Michael Beckwith, and many others, to create and explore a new model of Success for individuals, business and society.

We are looking forward to continuing this journey with you in the years to come.

The Outrageous Love Project – Kristina Kincaid

Kristina Kincaid is the director of the Integral Evolutionary Tantra Institute in New York City and the leader of the Outrageous Love Project, a collaboration between Marc Gafni, Kristina Kincaid, and the Center for Integral Wisdom.

With a series of websites (also represented in our portals) they inspire people to commit Outrageous Acts of Love and write Outrageous Love Letters.

The Dharma Party Project – Tonya TBird Luv Ridgely

Tbird Luv and Dr. Marc Gafni have teamed up in the creation of a new series of Dharma Party events, during which she and Marc bring dharma, music, empowerment and outrageous calls to action to awesome crowds of movers and shakers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of you may know board member Tbird Luv from some of the Center’s events over the past year, where she has brought her unique music to Dr. Marc Gafni’s teachings, and her collaborative brilliance to other projects with the Center.

A Dharma Party is Not just another event that leaves behind GREAT memories. Instead, those present have a chance to get inspired, and to strategically design the future with aligned relationships and projects that have the potential to make the world a better place.

Photos courtesy of Lily Dong

  • To self organize and establish working partnerships
  • To instigate collaborations between aligned partners, players and participants under the umbrella of Dharma
  • To create viral Outrageous Acts of Love Globally
  • To experiment and explore creative ideas between us
  • To Play and have FUN together

Here’s a video clip from the 1st Dharma Party in January, 2014:

Unique Self Recovery

Lori Galperin, Co-Founder and Director of the Unique Self Recovery project, writes:

Unique Self is about evolving your identity to be in greatest alignment with the essence of who you truly are. It is about understanding your significance. It is about recognizing the gifts you alone possess in precisely the way that you do, and finding a way to share them that brings deep fulfillment.

Every person has a particular set of capacities and qualities, a unique set of gifts to share with the world. So, never to achieve realization of one’s self deprives not simply the individual, but all. In anyone’s life, there are experiences that aid the unfolding of one’s unique self and likewise, experiences that shift the trajectory in ways that constrain its emergence.

Unique Self Recovery provides a way back. Finding the way back often rests upon discovering where, when, how and why one went off track. It requires looking anew, with compassion, at the previously painful, and at the time, perhaps unassimilable, that created a departure from the course of one’s truest, fullest self-unfolding. It involves looking at events that closed the heart and erected obstacles to intimacy: with self, others and the larger creative context. It is about re-opening.

The Unique Self Medicine Project – Venu and Vinay Julapalli

Board Members Venodhar Rao Julapalli, M.D. and Vinay Rao Julapalli, M.D., F.A.C.C. have written a White Paper about Unique Self and the Future of Medicine. In their professional lives they are putting that into action in their private practices–the Integral Gastroenterology Center, P.A. and the Integral Cardiovascular Center, PLLC–as well as in their work with college students and patients in a hospital.

From the Abstract of their White Paper:

Medicine is at a critical crossroads in its evolution from antiquity to our modern age. This article aims to reconceive the future of medicine. Key to this conception is an understanding of the evolution of individual development. To this end, the discussion will first outline the stations of the selves, on the path to what has been termed the Unique Self by spiritual thinker Marc Gafni. Next, the discussion will distinguish between two poles of development and outlook, in order to understand how the insight of Unique Self integrates these dualities. It will then view the Unique Self from three perspectives, or four quadrants, of reality and also illustrate how Unique Self appreciates the balance between part and whole. The discussion will subsequently correlate the stations of the selves with the history of medicine and further examine dualities in medicine that parallel those of the self . It will then elucidate how an understanding of Unique Self fundamentally shifts our envisioning of the practice of medicine. This shift renews the unique calling that is the art and science of healing.

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