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By Liza Braude-Glidden

Continued from Part 1. 

Reflection Six

An Opportunity and Crisis Truth Test

When uncertainty engulfs the present, how do you respond?

Hot winds off the Mojave Desert engulfed our neighborhood in towers of fire when I was seven. Dive-bombers careened overhead as if we were at war. Our teacher rushed us out of our second grade class crying, “ we must evacuate,” words instilling more fear than understanding in our seven-year-old hearts. Soon our bus rumbled though familiar streets made hellish by black smoke. We huddled together, wondering if our parents had saved our pets. When would we see our families again? Some of us wondered if our parents were alive.

We were right to wonder. My father, for example, stood on the roof of our home with a hose until the water ran out. One third of my friends lost their homes and possessions. Whirlwinds of fire charred the tops of our trees. The Fire spared my father and our home, but it could have gone another way. Miraculously, no one died. Yet in those moments we shared as children it was as if God had suddenly thrown all the balls of our young lives up into the air. No one knew how they would come down, MAYBE not even God.

We call our historical moment “the age of information.” We seem to know whatever we care to know on almost any subject including the chaos and suffering that seem ready to overwhelm our humanity daily. We know enough to be awestruck by the forces in play. Do we know enough to be willing to dance with all the balls God has tossed up in the air?


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3 Responses to “A Bouquet of Truth Tests: Reflections on Certainty and Uncertainty (Part 2)”

  1. Michele Gregoire

    These thoughts keep me reading and thinking, stopping, reading again. And most of all I love the stories, that make me look at the truths. Thank you Liza. I need to read you again. And I will.

  2. Gifford Pinchot

    You say,
    “The emergence of Unique Self in the face of certainty and uncertainty, is, Marc says, a transition from the statement “It is true.” to the statement “I am true.” Through my eyes, God reveals unique and essential features of truth that sheds light on my inner life, my human family, and on the physical and practical world. I reveal myself as a Unique and necessary source of revelation.”

    Now that is a thought to curl up with.
    I am letting it seep in. Very liberating and true. Another way of knowing for an age shot through with uncertainty. Thank you

  3. Liza Braude-Glidden

    Thanks Gifford! As a mystic in the marketplace, I appreciate your presence here. You exemplify for me how human uniqueness expresses in the world of ethical business.
    Reed and I were guest entrepreneurs at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, I witnessed first hand how you and other faculty stand for the uniqueness of every member of a diverse and vibrant student body.
    You and Libba are on my short list of couples who dance gracefully and generously with uncertainty while at the same time moving forward with decisive strength. Thanks for inspiring us! And as we remarked at Social Venture Network, you’re a guy who knows the meaning of “all in.” May all of us find the authentic opportunity to put every chip on the table for the sake of divine essence in coherence with the Whole!

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